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For those who believe in the chlois theory — LiveJournal

May. 15th, 2007

03:00 pm - Allison photos and Daily Planet Special Edition

Mission Accomplished! 
Back from the Smallville Convention in Coventry (UK), your thequeenmab completed her mission. 
I delivered to Allison Mack a special copy of the "Daily Planet", dedicated entirely to the chlois theory. 
She was really really glad and watched every single page with interest.
While she leafed through it with me (commenting every single photo inside, especially that one of the kiss with Tom ^_^) she read all the titles and asked me where the articles came from. So I mentioned chlois.org and the chloisers fans communities on the web.
The articles were too much long, therefore she promised that she would have read all of them in the hotel
I'm INFINITELY SORRY to the authors of the articles that I put in the Planet because I didn't contact them BEFORE all of this, but it has been a last minute decision (I prepared the Planet the night before leaving). Being the essayes published on the web, I assumed I could use them by quoting author and source. I really hope that's ok for them. 

Here you can see the first page.

If you want to download the pdf, I put it here

BTW, Allison is a truly FANTASTIC person.
It is during the conversation that we had about the Planet, during the free talks and the photoshoots and, especially, during the one hour meeting with only 10 fans (and me among them, I have won the lottery, litterally!) that it has turned out how wonderful person she is.
She loves the fans and she loves chatting and sharing her emotions with them. She is indeed the cute and kind person as she seems to be. Meeting her has been a fantastic experience.
But I don't want to bother you anymore.
Behind the fake cut, i post 43 Allison photos i made. Sorry if i didn't elaborate them, but i wanna post them as soon as possible. ^_^ 

[Allison Mack]

See ya!

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Dec. 27th, 2006

07:40 am

Ahhh sometimes it can be so hard being a Chloe fan , we don't seem to get any respect at all. Most Chloe posts at are littered with people saying she has to die . The clana and clois fan are really threatened by her. The clana's for some reason think that Clark can have only one friend in the future the cloisers what her gone because she's everything Lois should be . I find it really pathetic that the only way to get edlois to the top is destroy 6 years of another’s characters hard work.

This Lois will be nothing more than a copy a fake, Chloe is the real reporter , the one who belongs at the daily planet .If the chlois theory doesn't happen then imo the show will unwatchable in reruns They made being a reporter something to work hard for ,there are many episodes dealing with chloe struggle , we watched her fight for 4 years for just that place in the basement now edlois is going to get it all in a couple of seasons they are destroying there own history.The edlois may be the real one but imo that would be the tragedy Lois is supposed to be someone to admire and respect , imo she supposed to be someone just a bit more then everyone else .This edlois may be a nice person but she is not my Lois .Maybe I should stop watching this show because it just makes my blood boil lol

Dec. 13th, 2006

02:31 am - Chlois Links

A great message board for us chlois fan

Apr. 3rd, 2006

12:39 am - Chlois Art- Renewal of the Vows

Renewal of the Vows
Rated G

Nov. 14th, 2005

04:11 pm - Fanfiction

Duality by Cassandra Mulder
Secrets long buried and secret identities come to the surface as two lives merge again in unexpected ways. Complete

Metropolis fic written by Chris

This story is must read for chlois fans .The story is great nd I love those graphics

03:04 pm - Chlois discussion links

Which anvils do you believe? The Chlois discussion thread
On the twop Smallville board

Chloe's psuedonym - Chloe=Lois
KryptonSite Message Forums a huge thread over 625 alot to read but worth it.

03:03 pm - welcome

I have watched Smallville from the start; I thought Chloe was a young Lois at first. I believe Chloe becoming THE Lois lane would make the Smallville series richer and only add to fun when watching the show as a whole. I have created the cummouty to gather information anything to do with this theory. Anything chlois related is welcome videos, fanart, theories links.